Advisory Councils

Rockbridge Seminary’s Advisory Councils consist of church and religious education leaders who advise the seminary on the current level of skills, knowledge, and abilities needed for ministry roles and the adequacy of the seminary’s educational program objectives, curriculum, and course materials.

Advisory Council, Diploma Program

Diane O’Connor, Life Coach (Wisconsin)
Cheryl Hewett, Educator (Montana)
J. B. Lim, Pastor (Canada)
Jay McFadden, Pastor (Texas)
Ed Emmerling, Pastor (Michigan)
Tom Holladay, Pastor (California)
Cassandra Jones, Educator (North Carolina)
Boyd Pelley, Ministry Services (Texas)

Advisory Council, Master’s Programs

Tom Bartlett, Pastor (North Carolina)
Earl Grant, Pastor (Texas)
John McClendon, Ministry Training (Tennessee)
Deb Upton, Pastor (Virginia)
Kelly Walter, Pastor (Missouri)
Rick Yount, Educator (Texas)