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Rockbridge Summer Update

Online Students meet Face-to-Face

Whether it is at graduations or conferences, relationships in our online learning community are enhanced with face-to-face encounters. We are bonded together in our love for Jesus and our shared calling to minister in His name.  It is wonderful to see Rockr’s connect around the world.

Mike Rose and Kara Chan, two Rockr’s in Hong Kong, started their first page of friendship.












Celebrate Recovery Conference

Rockbridge will have a booth at the CR Summit, August 9-11. If you are attending the conference, please drop by the booth and meet up with other Rockr’s. Check in with the booth about our luncheon on Thursday during the lunch break.  Please Twitter about Rockbridge and CR Summit this coming week.

Know of Someone Looking for Ministry Training?

Sometimes all it takes for someone to take the next step in their leadership development is for someone to express belief in them. We began Rockbridge, because a friend said, “If you don’t do this, who will?  I can see you doing this!”  Share an encouraging word this week to a person you believe has leadership potential and pass along this link to our catalog.