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Seminary Update


You are cordially invited to attend graduation on June 2, 7:00 p.m. at Second Baptist Church in Springfield, MO.  We have our largest number of students graduating from our Diploma in Ministry Studies, Master of Ministry Leadership, and Master of Divinity programs.  Congratulations to all the graduates.

Student Evaluation of Learning and Teaching (SALT)

Each term our students provide feedback on how we can improve our instruction.  Part of the survey gathers data concerning student satisfaction.  Student in the 2017-T2 term reported:

  • Achievement of Course Goals – 100%
  • Recommend Studies to a Friend – 98.61%
  • Satisfied with Studies – 98.61%

We are grateful for our students and faculty who create a great learning community.

Trends in Online Education

While total enrollment in higher education decreased by 1 Million from 2012 to 2015, more students are taking online courses.  Thirty percent of all students in higher education are now taking at least one distance course.  Distance learners are split almost evenly between student who are exclusively “distance” and those who take some courses in person.  Overall distance enrollment has grown, on-campus enrollment has fallen by 5% since 2012.

Schools that have increasing proportion of distance education cost less and are more efficient.  Since Rockbridge is 100% online, we provide a quality education at an affordable price.

Not all online programs are created equal.  Online education is not simply a matter of video-taping a professor and putting content online.  Best practices in online learning provide a high level of engagement with students and faculty.   From the beginning,Rockbridge was designed to be highly interactive, which is demonstrated by the high marks in student satisfaction.

Brokerage Acct –

Rockbridge has a brokerage account and can receive stock donations.  Contact Dr. Eldridge if you are interested in donating business stock to Rockbridge.  The school is a 501(c3) and your gifts are tax deductible.  You may also give online at this link.