At Rockbridge Seminary, we offer four theological seminary programs, or a continuing education option. Our accredited seminary training online programs are built on the Christian faith but recognize that different views exist in the Kingdom among those who seek His truth.

When you pursue seminary training online at Rockbridge Seminary, you’ll prepare to serve in Christian ministry as a servant leader. Our seminary training online program is structured to offer you learning experiences that allow you to study and practice without leaving your ministry field.

Diploma in Ministry Studies (2 year program)

Our online Diploma in Ministry Studies (DMS) program offers an opportunity for you to develop servant leadership skills for local church ministry, as well as gain knowledge in Bible and church history. This program is an ideal fit for those over the age of 25 who serve on a church staff or in other ministry positions, and it can be completed in as little as two years. Plus, through our partnership with Nazarene Bible College, you can use this diploma program as a foundation for earning a Bachelor’s degree totally online.

Master of Ministry Leadership (2 year program)

Develop your servant leadership skills in our online Master of Ministry Leadership (MML) program. This program is designed for men and women who have earned a Bachelor’s degree and are serving on a church staff or in other ministry positions and is particularly suited for those who studied Bible and theology in their Bachelor’s program. This program can be completed in as little as two years – or you can take additional time as you tend to your family, church and job responsibilities.

Master of Divinity (3 year program)

If you’ve earned a Bachelor’s degree and serve or desire to serve in a role such as ordained pastor, career missionary or chaplain, our online Master of Divinity (MDiv) may be for you. Seminary curriculum in this program covers topics like biblical studies, church history, theology, pastoral care, counseling and preaching/teaching. This program can be completed in three years, or you can extend your time in the program to focus on family, church and job responsibilities.

Doctor of Ministry (3-6 year program)

The Doctor of Ministry in Transformational Leadership (DMin) is a professional doctorate designed for men and women who hold the MDiv or its educational equivalent and who have engaged in substantial ministry leadership. Students develop transformational leadership competencies in areas such as spirituality, spiritual community, transformational discipleship, organizational leadership, and missional leadership. The degree requires no fewer than three nor more than six years to complete. The purpose of the Doctor of Ministry program is to equip the student to be a transformational leader who practices ministry at the highest level of professional competence.

If you’re looking for accredited online seminary training, it’s time to learn more about Rockbridge Seminary. Contact us today to get started.