Rockbridge Seminary is MORE than just a traditional seminary offering courses online. It is designed from the ground up to be a DIFFERENT KIND of seminary.


Here are 5 DIFFERENCES that were designed into the LEARNING INFRASTRUCTURE of Rockbridge Seminary:

Learning in Context

100% online. No weekend classes. No intensive seminars. No long lectures to watch by video. No online classes that meet at a certain time.

A new kind of learning that maximizes the cloud learning environment. Log-in each day according to your schedule.

Clear learning outcomes that are ministry-focused. Learning pathways unit-by-unit with learning exercises that add value to your ministry context. Learning that integrates seminary and ministry to the point that it may be hard to tell where one stops and the other starts.

Focused on Your Calling

Reconnect with your ministry calling in the Touchstone Course.

Get a time line perspective of God’s shaping in your life. Complete ministry competency assessments. Write a Personal Learning Plan that becomes a learning filter throughout seminary.

Design and conduct non-course projects that help you focus on five competencies where you need custom development. Present evidence of your proficiency in an E-Portfolio.

In the Capstone Course, write a Personal Life Mandate that guides your learning beyond seminary.

Development of Ministry Competencies

Rockbridge Seminary has identified 35 ministry competencies that are used to assess, develop, strengthen, and prepare servant leaders.

Each seminary program is designed with specific competency outcomes.

Each course helps you develop a specific competency.

Supported by Local Mentors

Learn in the Touchstone Course how to recruit ministry mentors and benefit from their support.

Recruit a local mentor for each course.

A ministry coach who helps you apply in context what you are learning.

Learning Enriched by Community

The online community is robust, vibrant, strengthening, broadening. Everyone is in ministry – struggling with ministry reality, not theories. Discussions matter. The problems and issues are real.

U.S. and non-U.S. students learn and share. The context is authentic, from today.

Look together through a global, Kingdom lens.

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