Linda LaRussa, Student Services Representative for Rockbridge Seminary until 2010, passed away on Saturday, February 25, 2012, after a courageous battle with cancer. Her cheerful voice and eagerness to give assistance endeared her to students and faculty.

 Here is a sample of tributes written by Rockbridge Seminary students:

I recall Linda always being extremely helpful and kind, when I needed administrative help with seminary. The way she lived her life definitely blessed many of us! (Richie Reeder)

Linda was such a helpful and encouraging person every time I spoke with her on the phone. (Mitch Warren)

Linda was just an incredibly helpful and positive person. She was literally the first person I interacted with at Rockbridge and by her warmth she immediately diffused the fear that online education was going to be cold and impersonal. (Larry Baxter)

She was a true blessing to those of us who were fortunate to know her. (Rick Blair)

Linda was always so kind and helpful to me. When we adopted twins she was so excited for us and did whatever she could to be a help to me while we adjusted to our new family life. (Andy Lawrenson)

¬†Read Linda’s obituary

Linda’s passion for students is evident in the video below:


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8 Responses to In Loving Memory: Linda LaRussa

  1. David Leister says:

    I am heartbroken to learn of Linda’s passing and knowing the pain of those who will miss her. Obviously I’m grateful beyond words over her salvation and also love the legacy she has left behind. When she stepped down at Rockbridge my heart sank at the time. She was always so patient and cheerful, and I’ll never forget the joyful comments she made about the birth of my daughter Sarah. I wish I could’ve given this beautiful daughter of the Lord a big hug before she departed. She is eternally at peace with our Lord now, and I give Him thanks and praise for that.

  2. David Zink says:

    I am so sorry to hear about Linda’s passing as she was a breath of fresh air every time I call and had a question or needed something done. It was through Rockbridge that I got to know Linda and her faith in God was beyond words. My heart goes out to her family and I know the Lord is glad to have her home.

  3. Drew Parrish says:

    I am so sad to hear of Linda’s passing. She was truly an encouragement each time I called or emailed the seminary for any help I needed at all…. I am sure she is making heaven glad, as she is a good example of what it means to serve our Lord Jesus.

  4. Linda was always extremely helpful to us as adjunct professors working at a distance. When I heard she would no longer be working in that capacity, I was truly saddened. Of course this explains, perhaps in part, at least, why she left.

    I pray the Lord will give an extra measure of comfort and grace to her family, close friends, and those whose lives were especially touched by her life.

  5. Oladipo Shoyoola says:

    From the first day i contacted Rockbridge Seminary i was convinced it was the seminary for me because of the love and encouragement i received in every mail from Linda. She was very instrumental in the entire application process that lasted over two years in my case because of postal delays in getting my transcripts from Africa to WES.
    I pray the Lord will comfort her family and friends at this painful time of Linda’s departure to meet with our master and King Jesus Christ.

  6. Robbie Johnson says:

    I pray for Linda’s family and the Rockbridge family. Linda was always ready to assist, I remember the unique recognition of flowers being the only female in my graduation class which was her idea. She will be missed.

    • Mehmet says:

      Linda,I have to tell you this story.I’ve read every one of your posts throughout your joreuny. I don’t know all the members of your family, but I feel like I do now! What a terrific group of people, and you are so fortunate to have such a committed and loving bunch of folks around you!I have been inspired by your words and your stories, and what is truly wonderful is that your joreuny over the past 6 months or so has not been about the cancer. It’s been about your faith and your family, and the love that fills your life. Truly awesome.I must admit that the other day, I printed the entire journal as a PDF. Everything. The beginning, the big road trip in the van, all the visitors you have received, all of it. And I sent it to a friend of mine, and I told him, You have to read this story! He said, What’s it about? And I told him that you were a friend and a wonderful person that I knew that was dealing with cancer, and that the journal was the story of your past several months. Then he asked me, Is it a creepy story about cancer? And I told him, Oh no, this is not a story about cancer at all. In fact, she almost never talks about it, which is amazing by itself. This story is about grace, and it’s a story about dignity, and it’s a tremendous story about love. It really isn’t a story about cancer at all. Read it, you’ll see. And he did.And what he saw in your story is exactly what I saw. The story about the grace that you have had throughout all of these days. You have been amazing and graceful in everything you have written. And he saw the dignity that you have maintained throughout the challenges you have faced. I have never heard you complain or whine ever. Certainly this has been a tremendous struggle and continues to be, but you have never lost your dignity. Not once. Most of all, it has been a story of great love, and lots of it. For your family without a doubt. All the adults and the grandkids, your love has just shone through everything you’ve written about them. The love for Geibel: my, what a story that has been! How your love has matured though this, his absolutely amazing dedication to you. We can feel his love for you through your words. And most of all, your love for the Lord. That has been strong and true, solid and deep, and completely unwavering despite the bumps in the road. What an inspiration to everyone that has been!Grace, Dignity and Love. That has been your story. The cancer is just a side note.My friend, who is planning a visit to Colorado in the spring, asked me a question after he read your story. He said, Will I get to meet Linda when I come to Colorado? I said, You know, I don’t really know if you will. But I do know when you will meet her: when you get to Heaven. You’ll definitely meet her there. She’ll be the one standing to the right of the Lord. We’ll all see her there. We will all see her there for sure. I just wanted to share that with you. My thoughts have been with you everyday over these past months. And my prayers are with you now.Bruce Gardner

  7. Len Berg says:

    I am so saddened to just learn of Linda’s passing. She was such a loving and faithful servant, always there to help us. Thankfully she is in a much better place today and we can look forward to meeting her (face to face) in our future eternal destination.

    May her family continue to seek the Lord and remain in Him daily. May He bless and comfort them as they celebrate her life and never, not even for a moment, forget that she’s smiling now in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ, our God and King – forever and ever! Amen!!!