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Annual Report

It is an honor to share with you the annual report.  Numbers don’t tell the full story of what God is doing at our school, but we are pleased to report the following items related to institutional performance for 2015-2016.

  • Students achieving their learning goals: 96%
  • Students who would recommend their studies to a friend: 98%
  • Students who are satisfied with their studies: 99%
  • Course completion rate: 96%
  • Program Completion Rates: 54.2%-MDiv, 55.6%-MML
  • Alumni serving in a ministry role: 95%
  • Alumni service status (figures are for 5 years out of RS): 76% full-time ministry, 0% part-time ministry by choice, 6% bi-vocational ministry, 12% volunteer, 0% unemployed, 4% other

Click here to download the full report.

Seminary-Related Debt

With the rising cost of education, many graduate students finish their studies with 10’s of thousands of dollars in debt.  Studies show that debt incurred at seminary and concern over money affects the type of position that a person may consider taking after graduation.  The less debt a student can graduate with, the more open that can be to all calls.  Debt also affect marriages and families.

The national debt of graduation seminarians is more than $20,000. Nationally, 40% of students have no educational debt incurred at seminary. We are pleased that 84% of our graduates at Rockbridge last year had no educational debt and 16% had less than $10,000 in educational debt.

The national average tuition for a three-year Master of Divinity is $14,522 per year.  The tuition at Rockbridge is about 1/3 of other seminaries at $5,131 per year.  This is due in part to generous donors who reduce tuition costs for students. Your gifts make a difference in the life of our students. Rockbridge is a 401(C)3 non-profit corporation and your gifts are tax deductible. You may send your gifts to Rockbridge Seminary, 3111 E. Battlefield, Springfield, MO 65804 or give online.