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Pastors are still acting as chaplains or caregivers, rushing off to meet the needs of the bleating sheep. This leaves the people of God in a continuously dependent position, unable to fully grow up and assume full responsibility as disciples of Jesus. Pastors tell me that as much as they would like to share the ministry with God’s people and act as coaches and equippers for the ministry of others, many people still want the pastor to be the paid professional who is identified with “the ministry.”

Greg Ogden (Preface)


The Church in the New Reformation

  • The Church as Organism: Together We Have It All
  • The Institutional Entrapment of the Church
  • Unveiling Our Institutional Mind-Set
  • Shifting from Institutional to Organizational
The Pastor in the New Reformation
  • Dependency: A Counterproductive Model of Ministry
  • A Biblical Vision of an Equipping Ministry
  • Implementing the Equipping Model of Ministry
Leadership in the New Reformation
  • Who Are the Equippers?
  • Servant Leadership: Empowering the Body for Its Ministry
  • Call and Ordination in the New Reformation


Unfinished Business: Returning the Ministry to the People of God is a textbook for the Rockbridge Seminary course “Theology and Practice of Ministry” (a fully online seminary course)

This 8-week course is required for ALL Rockbridge Seminary programs: Master of Divinity (MDiv), Master of Ministry Leadership (MML), and Diploma in Ministry Studies (DMS).

Upcoming course schedule for the course “Theology and Practice of Ministry”

  • 2012 Term 3 (May 1-Jun 25) – MDiv and MML
  • 2012 Term 5 (Aug 28-Oct 22) – DMS


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