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Saddleback Church

If you are not harnessing and directing the latent energy of your members for the Great Commission and the great commandment, your church will never be the church that God intends, and your people will never reach their God-intended maturity in Christ. So I invite you not just to read this book, but to study it with your leaders and adopt the biblical structures of “temple courts” and “house to house,” as the book of Acts repeatedly mentions. It will change your people. It will change your church. It will change your community. It can change the world!

Rick Warren,

Saddleback Church


What Is a Healthy and Balanced Small Group?

  • My story
  • The Saddleback difference
  • What did we learn from the Book of Acts?
What Does This Look Like?
  • Is your vision blurry?
  • It all starts with community
  • Leading for spiritual formation
  • Don’t lead alone
  • The church with no walls
  • More than music
Step-by-Step, How Can I Do This?
  • Spiritual health assessment
  • Helping groups become healthier
  • Leadership matters
  • The road ahead
  • Laying the foundation
What Does This Mean for Overall Church Strategy?
  • Sunday School and/or small groups
  • Making the most of every opportunity
  • Exponential power
Do I Have What It Takes?
  • Things I wish someone had told me


Small Groups with Purpose: How to Create Healthy Communities is a textbook for the Rockbridge Seminary course “Building a Small Group Ministry” (a fully online seminary course)

This course is an elective for the Master of Divinity (MDiv) and  Master of Ministry Leadership (MML) programs.

Upcoming Course Schedule for the course “Building a Small Group Ministry”

  • 2012 Term 3 (May 1-Jun 25) – MDiv and MML


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