Name: PJ HolmertzRock'r PJ Holmertz (West Des Moines, Iowa)
Hometown: West Des Moines Iowa
Academic Program: MDiv
My family: Drop dead gorgeous, supportive and part-time proof reader wife Emily, the blond tornado of talk – Sarah (3 yrs), our jolly bump on the carpet – Aiden (10 months)
My church: Valley Church – West Des Moines Iowa, not a perfect church but as close as they come
My ministry: My job description lists me as a Ministry Associate of Care and Counseling. I help to facilitate congregational care through our Stephen Ministry, Marriage Matters and midsized group care structure. I also do the bulk of our premarital counseling. Along with this I am working with the men’s ministry and African ministry. There are plenty of other things that come to us as assigned.
One word that describes me: Disciple
In my spare time: Seriously, spare time?
Favorite Bible verse: Luke 1:37 “For nothing is impossible with God.”
Spiritual hero: Martin Luther
Vision: To encourage and equip the body of Christ for effective ministry internally and externally.
Why I applied to Rockbridge Seminary: After achieving my undergraduate degree in Bible Theology I knew that I wanted to work towards my Masters degree. I also knew that I wanted to begin developing my skills in the context of the local church. I was able to find a ministry position that was a dream come true but I wasn’t able to find a seminary nearby that I could attend to attain my Masters degree. When I found Rockbridge I knew that it would fit my needs perfectly and it would give me practical training along with a solid biblical foundation for my ministry.
What I like most about Rockbridge Seminary: I have found that every course at Rockbridge has been immediately applicable to my ministry. In college I often found myself learning great theory but forgetting it as soon as the class was over because I didn’t have opportunities to use that information. At Rockbridge the information I have learned has stayed with me because I am acting on that information as I learn it. I can not only look back at a particular course but at the effects that that course had on my ministry at that time. With every course I become a more effective minister of the gospel.

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