Are you interested in seminary but still wondering if it is right for you?

We know choosing to attend seminary is a major life decision. A lot of thought, prayer, seeking the Lord, asking for wisdom, and waiting on Him for clear direction goes into making this decision. We believe seminary is a wonderful option for anyone who desires to go deeper with the Lord, increase their ministry skills, prepare for full-time, part-part, or bi-vocational ministry. Whatever stage of life you find yourself, seminary is a wonderful option to explore for your future. Seminary will allow you to expand you ministry influence in whatever field you are called too to serve the Lord. Whether you are a business professional, educator, doctor, lawyer, nurse, military, non-profit, stay at home mom, realtor, truck driver, etc.. – as a working professional seminary will help you be a light and minister to people in your workplace.

Seminary is also a wonderful next step if you are called to be a pastor, missionary, and ministry leader. The training and equipping you will receive will help carry you through a life-time of service in various ministry cultures and contexts. The bottom line – we believe seminary is for everyone because we are all called to be ministers of the gospel in our spheres of influence. Rockbridge Seminary is a training, equipping, and empowering educational experience that is biblically solid and practically focused for developing servant leaders.

Take Our First Class

Sometimes to discern God’s will the best course of action is to take a step forward to see how the Lord might guide you.  If you are wondering and asking questions like:

  • How do I unpack my personal call to ministry?
  • How can I do more ministry in my workplace?
  • How can I be best equipped for where I believe the Lord is leading me?
  • How do I understand the journey I have been on with the Lord?
  • How do I reconcile the hurts, pain, and failures of my past with ministry opportunities in my future?
  • How would mentors help me?
  • What specific ministry skills do I need to strengthen to fulfill my personal call?

These questions and others are addressed in our first course called Touchstone. Our students often describe this course as life-changing and the perfect start to the seminary journey.

Rockbridge Seminary offers an eight-week online course called Touchstone that will help you:

  1. Understand more clearly how God can use your life experiences, both good and painful, to prepare you for ministry to others.
  2. Explore God’s personal call to ministry in your life.
  3. Understand how mentors can support your growth.
  4. Assess your ministry competency strengths and identify where more development is needed.
  5. Write a personal learning plan to guide your learning focus while in seminary.

During this course (Touchstone), a professor will guide you and your fellow students through the fully online learning experience. By the end of the course you will know if seminary is right for you. Many of our students describe this course as life-changing and foundational for understanding how God has worked and is working in your life and ministry. Watch this video to hear from some of our students about their Rockbridge experience.

Our Rockbridge Promise

If you are not completely satisfied with your learning experience in this first course, Rockbridge Seminary will refund your tuition in full.

The Touchstone Course is offered every term throughout the year.  Start your seminary journey today! We will walk you through every step of the application process, provide academic coaching, give help with tech support, provide training for the online classroom environment and access to our staff for support throughout your journey with Rockbridge. Apply today.  The next course starts soon.

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