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Dr. Rick Warren, Senior Pastor
Saddleback Community Church (Lake Forest, CA)

Because Saddleback fills so many of its staff positions from within our church family, we needed an innovative way to train people without sending them away to seminary for years. Rockbridge Seminary’s totally online format provided the answer we needed.

Rockbridge Seminary allows on-the-job ministry training, which we’ve found far more effective than the old academic model. Rockbridge is the future of global seminary education – but it is available to you now!

Reggie McNeal, Missional Leadership Specialist
Leadership Network (Dallas, TX)

Rockbridge Seminary is uniquely positioned to serve the missional renaissance for two reasons.

First, the missional church requires leadership that is engaged with the culture as missionaries. Packing up and leaving your ministry assignment in order to receive leadership development makes no sense at all. You want training and education delivered right to you where you are when you need it.

Second, non-clergy missionaries (teachers, business people, service industry workers, etc.) want theological training to fulfill their role as leaders of the Christian movement in the marketplace. Rockbridge can provide this delivery through its online studies. Rockbridge is not the seminary of the future; it is the seminary for now.

Tom Bartlett, Lead Pastor and RS graduate
Celebration Church (Wilkesboro, NC)

As a pastor in full time ministry for more than 18 years, I have found nothing that has done more to prepare, develop, and challenge me for ministry than Rockbridge Seminary.

Moni Keo, Senior Pastor and RS student
Greenleaf Church (Fullerton, CA)

The interactions with other students were fantastic [in my first course with Rockbridge Seminary]. I interacted more in this setting than at an actual classroom. Rockbridge’s learner-focused approach really struck a chord with me.

Jim, Church Planter, Washington

I want to tell you something special about Rockbridge and how it is impacting my ministry. I am presiding at my first wedding on July 30. The next course in the line-up is Pastoral Care. When I saw the books, which included Jim Henry’s wedding guide, I was amazed at God’s providential timing. He had already prepared in advance the tools and resources I needed! Thank you for the architecture of the course work at Rockbridge! Every course I have taken has been at the exact moment I needed it!

Kim, Worship Leader, Florida

This month marks one year of attending classes at Rockbridge and I just wanted to thank you. The first class helped me understand God’s call on my life and helped me sort out the worship/missions passion that I feel. My trip to the jungle in Peru this summer further embedded the connection between the two, and I’m excited about what God will do next. I wasn’t prepared for the personal growth and application in my life that has come about because of these classes at Rockbridge Seminary. I had only bargained for the knowledge! God has truly blown me away and used you to bless me. Thank you for your dedication, your encouragement, and your personality! I look forward to future classes!

Jerome, Youth Ministry Leader, Florida

Thank you Rockbridge for the dream to bring a different kind of seminary into existence.

Angela, Pastoral Staff, California

My husband and I have been talking about how the Rockbridge style of learning is far superior to the other seminary experiences we have had. We are both learning so much. Huge changes are going on in our lives regarding calling and vocation. This class is a big part of it and is helping us process these changes. It could not have come at a better time. Thank you so much!

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