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The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) is a 80-credit-hour program requiring a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 8 years for completion.  The M.Div. is a professional degree designed for men and women with a bachelor’s degree who serve or desire to serve in such roles as ordained pastor, career missionary, and chaplain. Students in this divinity degree program develop competencies in Biblical studies, church history, theology, pastoral care, counseling, and preaching/teaching. The curriculum may be completed in three years, although many students take longer due to family, church, and job responsibilities. Learn how to become a pastor and discover how our Master of Divinity program stacks up against other divinity graduate programs. Contact us today or apply now – it only takes a few minutes.

Program Objectives

  1. Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of the nature and content of the Bible, a working methodology for biblical study and interpretation, and a clear formulation and personal integration of the student’s own understanding of the message of the Bible.
  2. Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of the central doctrines of Christianity and of the historical models that have been used to articulate and apply them. Students will be able to formulate theological and ethical concepts in light of the heritage of the whole church and to apply these concepts in contemporary life situations.
  3. Graduates will demonstrate an understanding of Christian ministry founded on biblical mandates, informed by the church’s heritage and relevant to its present circumstances.
  4. Graduates will demonstrate a commitment to a lifelong, intentional process of spiritual development and professional growth.
  5. Graduates will demonstrate growth of the in areas related to God’s personal call that require further development.


20 Courses – 80 credit hours – 4 hours per course

Required First Course
R5400 Developing the Focused Life (Touchstone)
Required Courses
W5401 Theology & Practice of Worship
E5401 Theology & Practice of Evangelism
F5401 Theology and Practice of Fellowship
D5401 Theology & Practice of Discipleship
M5401 Theology & Practice of Ministry
Additional Required Courses
W5403 Preaching/Teaching for Life Change
D5403 Biblical Hermeneutics
D5451 New Testament Survey
D5461 Old Testament Survey
D5471 Bible Language Tools
D6451 Church History I or D6452 Church History II
D6461 Christian Worldview and Theology
Electives – Choose Any 5 Courses
E5403 Contemporary Evangelism
E6404 Understanding Other Cultures
E6407 Introduction to Church Planting
F5402 Building a Small Group Ministry
F6404 Personal Counseling Skills
D5402 Practicing the Spiritual Disciplines
M5402 Lead Like Jesus
M6405 Building an Effective Ministry Team
M6409 Recovery Ministry
M6410 Pastoral Care
Required Last Courses
R5403 Proficiency Portfolio
R6400 Practicing the Focused Life (Capstone)
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