Logo Academic Version Software Included at No-Cost When You Enroll

Access To Logos Software and Library

Most of Your Textbooks Are Included With Your Tuition!

Rockbridge Seminary has partnered with Logos Bible Software to provide you with most of your textbooks and help you build your theologically library for life. Logos Bible Software and Rockbridge Seminary’s custom digital library for our diploma and graduate programs is completely available to you as soon as you enroll.

Your Digital Library For Life

Your books are your tools and we want you to keep your tools for the rest of your life. Once you graduate from Rockbridge you will be able to keep your copy of Logos software and all of the resources and textbooks you have acquired during your studies.

The library in Academic Basic blows past the limitations of print books. Because everything is digital, you can search it in seconds. And it includes some of the standard works for exegesis.

  • Value of included resources: Over $1,700
  • Library: 20+ digital books including The Greek New Testament: SBL Edition, Easton’s Bible Dictionary, The Lexham English Septuagint, Second Edition, and more.
  • Designed for: Seminarians and academics.
  • Features: Logos 9 Academic Basic Feature Upgrade, including reverse interlinears, interactive media, Workflows, and other features.
  • Runs on: Windows, Mac, mobile, and web. Get free updates so you can run Logos on any computer or operating system.
  • Downloads: Unlimited. Install Logos on as many personal devices as you like.
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