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Dr. Rick Warren
Founder, Saddleback Community Church (Lake Forest, CA)

Because Saddleback fills so many of its staff positions from within our church family, we needed an innovative way to train people without sending them away to seminary for years. Rockbridge Seminary’s totally online format provided the answer we needed. Rockbridge Seminary allows on-the-job ministry training, which we’ve found far more effective than the old academic model. Rockbridge is the future of global seminary education – but it is available to you now!”

Dr. Dan Southerland, Church Planter Catalyst
Restore Community Church (Missouri)

I have been a pastor and church planter for 43 years. For years now, anytime I am asked about seminary education, I recommend Rockbridge. They get it. They are missional, incarnational and practical in their approach. The online delivery makes it doable for pastors, church planters, and church leaders of all varieties. I believe in this school. They understand that online education is what is needed and required today. They understand that online delivery allows people to stay in their communities where they are already planted and serving and still get the theological education and preparation they need.

Dr. Tom Bartlett, Lead Pastor and RS graduate
Celebration Church (North Carolina)

As a pastor in full time ministry for more than 18 years, I have found nothing that has done more to prepare, develop, and challenge me for ministry than Rockbridge Seminary.

Steve Gladen, Elder at Saddleback Church
Founder, Small Group Network (California)

Rockbridge Seminary offers a unique of blend of educational and practical experiences throughout all their course work. Hard wired into this online Seminary is a brilliant mentoring system to help integrate the educational and practical aspects while relationally giving accountability and networking. Most Seminaries do the practical piece through internships, Rockbridge does it through every class. I am always very excited every time a Saddleback staff person enrolls at Rockbridge Seminary!

Dr. Kara Chan, Professor and Associate Dean, Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong)

Rockbridge’s program enables me to study without leaving my current position in Hong Kong. Homework and participation requirements are clear and demanding. The teaching materials represent a good balance between theories and practice. Interaction with classmates was one of the things  I enjoyed the most. The program opened new ministry opportunities for me.

Reggie McNeal, Missional Leadership Specialist
Leadership Network (Dallas, TX)

As a pastor in full time ministry for more than 18 years, I have found nothing that has done more to prepare, develop, and challenge me for ministry than Rockbridge Seminary.

Emanuel Goicovici, Pastor (Romania)

As everyone says, the diversity in your class makes everything very interesting. I was narrow minded at the beginning, but the interaction helped me understand others better and the colleagues brought so much inspiration and information. The other great benefit is the focus on ministry and not only on information. It all comes down to your daily life and work. I would not be here in my ministry without this environment.

 Mia Robinson, Celebrate Ministry Leader (British Columbia)

What kept me going during my years of study was the encouragement of the staff and students. I had not been in such a caring learning environment before.

Gary King, Pastor (Florida)

My time at Rockbridge has impacted my current ministry profoundly. At Rockbridge I was challenged to think more deeply and to articulate more clearly the biblical truths I hold so dearly. Whatever I may accomplish for the Kingdom of God in this life will have been significantly influenced by the time I spent at Rockbridge.

Cynthia Ross, Small business owner (California) 

Rockbridge help me at a time when I was called to serve in a capacity in which I felt ill-equipped. I have a deeper understanding of how to lead well as a direct result of my Rockbridge experience. I have a greater appreciation for the community and family of Christ I serve with and a clearer connection to a Christian world view. We all lead in some capacity; some roles are more visible than others. In order to lead well, you have to continually learn more about yourself and the world around you. Rockbridge offers those opportunities.

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