The King’s Table: Why Disabilities Ministry In the Church Matters

The King's Table: Why Disabilities Ministry In the Church Matters -Cameron Horner- The question of “why”, is a powerful question. It reveals motivations, loyalties, priorities, and it reveals biases. On the other side, if you can answer the question of “why” for a person, you can potentially motivate them to great change! As we approach [...]

How to CRAFT a Sermon

I’m motivated by changed lives. I’m always asking myself, “Who is the next person God will radically change? Whose marriage will be transformed next? What is the next miracle God will do?” I don’t care what you call your preaching style, but I believe our preaching should lead to life change. I’ve developed my sermon-preparation [...]

Sharing The Dream

Sharing The Dream - By Kay Warren - I’ve noticed one common trait in couples who thrive in ministry over the long haul: the ability to see themselves as a team who shares a God-given dream. I believe this one factor can actually make or break the ministry God has called you to. Being a [...]

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