Transcript Evaluation Request

If you have completed partial study toward a degree at another theological institution, Rockbridge Seminary is willing to evaluate your academic transcript for course credit that might transfer into your Rockbridge Seminary program.

Applicants may submit a request after completing the Application for Admission.

Before you submit a transcript evaluation request, please review these COURSE TRANSFER GUIDELINES:

  • Courses taken at institutions accredited by an agency recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) are considered for transfer. Transfer of credit will not be denied solely on the source of accreditation of the sending institution.
  • Transfer courses must have been taken at the same level of study. Course descriptions must be similar to Rockbridge Seminary courses. Additional documentation may be requested.
  • A grade of “C” or above is required for any transferred course credits.
  • Transcripts from non-U.S. institutions will be evaluated through WES.
  • No more than 25% of the credit hours required for the DMS, MML, and MDiv and no more than 15% of the credit hours required for the DMin can be transferred. Credits are transferred in multiples of 3 (diploma program), 4 (master’s programs), and 6 (doctoral program).
  • Transfer of credit decisions are made by the Chief Learning Officer. Decisions may be appealed to the Academic Council.
  • Total program cost will be reduced equal to the number of credits being transferred.

Please allow sixty days for the evaluation of your transcript for the possible transfer of course credit.

All transcripts must be mailed from the issuing school to:

Rockbridge Seminary


3111 E Battlefield Rd.

Springfield, MO 65804