Diploma and Master Level Courses in Recovery Ministry Studies

(4 Credit Hours Per Course)

R5400  Developing the Focused Life (Touchstone) Required 1st
F6404  Personal Counseling Skills
M5402  Lead Like Jesus
M6405  Building and Effective Ministry Team
M6409  Recovery Ministry

MML and MDIV students can take these Recovery Ministry courses as electives. R5400 Developing the Focused Life (Touchstone) is already counted as the first course in the MML and MDIV degree programs, and therefore is not considered to be an elective.

Rockbridge offers five courses related to Recovery Ministry. The R5400 Developing the Focused Life (Touchstone) course must be taken first, but the other courses can be taken in any order.

R5400 Developing the Focused Life (Touchstone) (4 hours)
In this touchstone course, learners will examine their call to ministry, write a statement of calling, assess their competencies for ministry, develop learning objectives for their program of study, and enlist a mentor who will support their learning. The course will introduce the learner to the various facets of online learning. This course is required for all academic programs and must be taken before a learner can enroll in any other course.

F6404 Personal Counseling Skills (4 hours)
An introduction to the basics of pastoral counseling and spiritual guidance. The course examines fundamentals of counseling, the role of prayer and scripture in counseling, and when and how to make referrals to other caring professionals. Learners will use case studies and interactive techniques to develop their counseling skills.

M5402 Lead Like Jesus (4 hours)
This course is an examination of the principles and practices of leadership in Christian ministry. The course will focus on the role of the minister as servant leader, the qualities of a spiritual leader, and how a variety of leadership styles are required in ministry. The leadership of Jesus will be used as a leadership role model.

M6405 Building an Effective Ministry Team (4 hours)
This course is a study of the leadership skills required to build effective ministry teams. The course examines the characteristics of high performance teams, clear common goals, diversity of roles in teams, effective team processes, how to build the team, the role of communication in team building, and pitfalls to avoid in team development.

M6409 Recovery Ministry (4 hours)
Through this course, learners will understand the biblical and ministry foundations of a recovery ministry and will develop strategic approaches for either the launch or upgrade of a recovery program. The course will explore the addictive personality and how it is revealed in different ways, such as through chemical addiction, sexual addiction, relationship addiction, eating disorders, and religious addiction.