If you have received a sacred nudge to give to Rockbridge, you can be certain your gifts are accepted as a solemn trust.  Your donation will be used wisely and efficiently to accomplish our mission of developing servant leaders for Christian ministry.

Student tuition and fees account for about half of Rockbridge revenue.  Contributions represent 43% of our income.  That means student costs are greatly reduced due to generous gifts from donors.

How is that money spent?

  • Accreditation – 2.33%
  • Advertising – 4.86%
  • Fundraising – 0.69%
  • Faculty – 26%
  • Administrative Expenses – 5.12%
  • Staff Salaries – 59%

We would be delighted to provide you a copy of our current budget.  Please email the president’s office for a copy.

You can give today online through this link.

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