Multisite churches are becoming more and more common. No longer an experiment, multisite churches are a viable means for churches to expand their ministry.  Patrick Trawick’s DMin Applied Research Project identified the critical components for effectively launching a campus for a multisite church. Trawick identified the following steps to a multi-sight launch strategy:

  • The first step in launching a multisite campus is determining the need and location of a new campus.
  • Once the need and location of a new campus have been determined, attention must then turn to staffing for the new campus.
  • As the new campus is announced, an advertising campaign should be launched to let the community know about the upcoming launch.
  • Whether a new campus is permanent or portable, new equipment and/or renovations must be ordered and installed prior to the launch.
  • The central support staff of the church are a vital to the successful launch of a new campus.
  • Throughout the pre-launch process, the new campus staff must recruit, train, and motivate leaders to help with the launch.
  • A comprehensive timeline leading up to the launch should be developed and executed.

Trawick’s project also identified the successes and failures of multisite launches and provided rich insights for any church exploring expanding their ministry through multisite campus.  For more information about this applied research project or the DMin program contact Dr.


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