A Different Kind of School

by Rhonda Kitchen, DMin

Developing servant leaders is a chief goal of Rockbridge Seminary. This cannot be achieved in the vacuum of a learning environment that focuses only on knowledge acquisition. Rockbridge degree programs are practical, relational, and relevant.

Students at Rockbridge will learn the skills of five areas of ministry competencies through online learning modules and textbooks as well as through one-on-one contact with a qualified mentor who will help them apply their learning in practical everyday ministry settings. The competencies are focused on developing the practical ministry skills of Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Ministry and Evangelism.

Another practical aspect of Rockbridge is that students are able to work in their local ministry setting while completing their degree, rather than having to relocate to attend seminary. This provides the ideal setting for a student to practically apply their learning.

At first glance one might ask how can an online seminary be relational. The Rockbridge learning environment is like being a part of a family. As students interact, tight friendships are developed as students work through the assignments together and respond to practical questions on the discussion forums. These interactions allow students to grow, through feedback and encouragement, and many of these friendships continue past the classroom experience.

Professors at Rockbridge are every day practitioners of ministry, who understand the changing nuances of being in ministry. What may have worked well a few years ago, may not work today. Having a professor who has a grasp on the changing climate in the US and around the world is one of the premier benefits of attending Rockbridge Seminary. The course content is also focused on utilizing texts and materials that are current and applicable in today’s world. Many of the resources utilized in Rockbridge courses are cutting edge concepts for ministry. They challenge students to go to the next level not only in their capabilities but also in what God wants to accomplish in and through them.

God has a purpose for each of us. A willingness to be used and a willingness to grow are two of the necessary steps toward preparing yourself to be used effectively for Kingdom work. At Rockbridge you will receive an education that will prepare you to make a difference for the cause of Christ.

About the Writer: Rhonda Kitchen has an MACE and DMin from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary and a MS in Counseling from California Baptist University. She writes small group curriculum and is an expert in missionary education in the area of security. She has taught at Rockbridge Seminary since 2007. Her courses include Recovery Ministry, Personal Counseling Skills, and the Theology and Practice of Ministry.