Reflections of a Church Closing

Reflections of a Church Closing, by Corey Tabor (MML 2016) Last year, my wife April and I shared with the small group of partners remaining in Full Life Community Church, that we were closing the church. Our youngest daughter Charis was less than one month old and April was still on maternity leave. After nine [...]

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Spiritual Formation as Journey – Part 6 of 6

On the journey you become aware of your vulnerability Some years ago, I hiked the Na Pali coast on the island of Kauai with my wife and young adult children. From previous hikes, we knew a rainstorm on the mountains can cause hypothermia.  Failure to drink plenty of water leads to dehydration.  Each day on [...]

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Spiritual Formation as Journey – Part 5

The Journey Invites Reflection What I enjoy most about hiking and camping is the opportunity to reflect upon my life.  The pilgrimage provides quiet moments for introspection. Reflection is an important spiritual practice in theology as Nouwen encourages: I propose here the discipline of strenuous theological reflection.  Just as prayer keeps us connected with the [...]

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Spiritual Formation as Journey – Part 4

Telling the Story of the Journey Whether it is told sitting around the campfire, or explained with pictures to friends back home, each hiking experience has a story.  Stories are the means by which we communicate the truths we learned about ourselves and others.  Cole writes, “their story, yours, mine—it’s what we all carry with [...]

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Spiritual Journey as Formation, Part 3

The Journey is an Experience, Not a Spectator Sport Part 3 of a 6-Part Series Some years ago I hiked the Na Pali coast on the island of Kauai with my wife and young adult children.  We did not learn to hike the Na Pali Coast by attending a class at our nearest mountain equipment [...]

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Spiritual Formation as Journey, Part 2

A Journey Requires a Guide A walk in the park doesn’t require a guide. However, a trek in the wilderness, especially when you are going to a destination you have never been, requires a guide. In the Southwest, cowboys refer to the guide as the “front rider.” Guides come in many forms. On the trails [...]

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Spiritual Formation as Journey, Part 1

A few years ago, our family went backpacking on the Kalalau Trail in Kauai, Hawaii.  I was pumped at the prospect of seeing beautiful waterfalls, sunsets in the ocean, and breathtaking views from the cliffs of Na Pali Coast.  However, I did not expect that in the course of those six days on the eleven [...]

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2020 Vision

As we begin a new year, my 2020 vision for our students is threefold: 1. Students will know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge. Through our curriculum, students gain a great deal of information about the Bible, theology, and practical ministry skills. We are proud of the academic accomplishments of our students. But we [...]

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Do you know people who are joy challenged?  I do and one of them is me.  I’m still on step 5 of my 12-step joy program.  I grew up in the Midwest and joyous expressions were verboten.  We were taught to not draw attention to ourselves. In our tribe, Christianity required a serious demeanor.  Remember [...]

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In the Flesh

You’ve heard the phrase “in the flesh.”  If a person should ask if you are so-and-so, you might reply, “in the flesh.”  “If you meet or see others in the flesh, you are physically present with them, rather than seeing them on television or reading about them in a book.  Christmas is about God showing up [...]

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