Jeremy never expected to be a ministry leader. He left college to begin a business.  Life happened.  Years later he’s serving in the church and wants to deepen his understanding of the Bible and develop his ministry skills. He doesn’t want to go back to college and study algebra, English, or world history, but he’d like to go to seminary. Is there a program that could help him accomplish his learning goals?

Rockbridge Seminary’s Diploma in Ministry Studies (DMS)is a certificate program designed for men and women over the age of 25 who are serving on a church staff or in other ministry positions. This completely online-program provides an opportunity for students, not seeking a degree, to develop servant leadership skills for ministry, as well as competencies in Bible and church history. Ministry classes may be completed in two years, although students may take longer due to family, church, and job responsibilities. The program is only available for those who do not possess a bachelor’s degree.

Many prospective students ask about the return on investment. “Is the time, money, and effort of seminary worth it?”  Our graduates share how the Diploma in Ministry Studies is life changing.

“Rockbridge Seminary was a Godsend to me. I felt the call to go to seminary, but didn’t have a bachelor’s degree normally needed to go to seminary. God opened the doors and I found Rockbridge! I loved the ease of taking a class, learning, and the relationships I made with professors and classmates. I completed my DMS degree and continue to earn my Bachelor’s degree. God willing, I plan to go back to Rockbridge to receive my Master’s. Rockbridge is amazing and I truly recommend the DMS program to those called to ministry, but do not have the education for a higher degree.” Dennise Naredo, Business Owner and Ministry Leader

“Rockbridge Seminary provided me with an opportunity to advance my education while still working in full-time ministry. Being able to continue learning and growing, while having the flexibility to maintain my fulltime responsibilities, allowed me to fulfill my roles as a husband, father, and pastor while being a student at the same time. Rockbridge allowed me to acquire the skills and tools I needed to grow in a format that fit my already full life.”  Brandon Hair, Development Pastor, Front Range Christian Church

“The Diploma in Ministry Studies taught me why the church does what it does to grow and to welcome unbelievers to become believers and encourage their growth. The mentoring made me seek out mentors related to each course and brought me out of my shell and helped me grow personally and gave me confidence to become more involved in ministry.” Pam Reimer, Executive Assistant, Saddleback Church

“What I enjoyed most about my Rockbridge experience was that it was primarily hands-on learning. It wasn’t just theoretical and academic material. It took important information and principles and fleshed out what they meant for my ministry, then helped me know how I can apply and relate them to my local church.”  Ronnie McDougal, Executive Pastor, North Pointe Community Church

“The experience of completing the Diploma in Ministry Studies changed my life by putting me in God’s will instead of planning my life my way. I thought I was doing this program to help me be a better leader of my current ministry, but God was preparing me to be the Sr. Pastor of our small church. I realize that was God’s plan all along.”  Herk Rolff, Senior Pastor, The Little Church in the Pines

The Diploma in Ministry Studies may be the solution you are looking for, or you may know of someone who could benefit from this program.  For more information, contact