Each semester we hear stories of students who did not have the financial resources to take the next class and God provided for their needs. Recently, one of our students was going through challenges in their business and mentioned to a friend they would not be attending seminary this semester. The friend stopped and prayed for God to provide for this need. The next day a couple, who sensed a divine nudge, gave the student $900 in cash.

Jehovah Jireh was the name our spiritual forefathers used to describe God’s faithful provision. In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus taught us to ask our Heavenly Father to provide for our daily needs. He prayed, “Give us today our daily bread.” There are several striking things about the prayer. First, it is corporate.  Give “us.”  Jesus reminds us that we in this together. Second, we focus on our “daily” needs. Perhaps this prayer is referring to God’s daily provision of manna in the wilderness. God only provided the Hebrews with what could be eaten that day.  This required their total dependence on Him.

The number one reason students drop out for a season is due to finances. We established a scholarship fund that provides a financial bridge for worthy students. Please pray for the financial needs of our students. If you sense a divine nudge, you can contribute to the scholarship fund through this link. Please indicate your donation is for scholarships.