Future Church: 8 Church Trends to Watch in 2023
– By Carey Nieuwhof –

Dear Friends,

Carey Nieuwhof has written an enlightening and compelling article on 8 Church Trends to Watch in 2023 that I want to pass along to you this week in our blog. I believe Carey’s insights, research, and perspective is helpful for all of us in ministry, especially those who are pastoring, as we move into 2023 and beyond. The demographics, data, and stats presented are worthy of reflection and discussion among church leaders and the impact they might have on the future vision and direction within your church. This is article is not gospel, but I believe Carey’s thoughtful work on these 8 trends is helpful as we start the new year.

Below is the message Carey sent out announcing his research and thoughts on church trends for 2023. The links below will take you to the full article.

Happy New Year and Maranatha,

Tommy Hilliker
President, Rockbridge Seminary


A Message from Carey:

What does 2023 hold for church leaders?

My 2023 Church trends is live today!

Every year, I offer my best shot at outlining what’s happening, what’s going to happen and what needs to happen in the church.

2023 already feels a little different. Less dread, more hope.

To that end, this year’s trends post finds some hope in the otherwise (seemingly) unstoppable church attendance decline. I point out what leaders can do to address it and maybe start reversing it.

And there’s a lot more: from the fall of the “Boomer church” (and the rise of Gen Z) to the acceleration of the volunteer crisis to a change in the function of the weekend sermon,  here are the 8 church trends you should keep your eye on in 2023.

You can read the disruptive 2023 church trends post here.

Cheering for you!