Rockbridge Seminary is an accredited degree-granting institution of higher learning that exists to develop servant leaders for Christian ministry through quality distance educational experiences that allow them to study and practice without leaving their ministry field.

Traditionally, American seminaries have arranged courses according to categories of knowledge (biblical studies, theological studies, historical studies, and practical theology). This traditional approach to curriculum design was carried over to seminary education from the European university system about 200 years ago. Its structure reflects the university’s primary purpose of producing scholars.

Some seminaries are called to emphasize theological scholarship in their training design, a design well-served by the traditional arrangement of courses. Rockbridge Seminary, however, is called to emphasize local church ministry, making the design around the purposes of the church rather than by categories of knowledge a more natural learning environment. Our innovative approach to seminary education provides biblical studies, theological studies, historical studies, and practical theology within our courses in a structure that emphasizes local church and practical ministry.

Our promises, if you are not completely satisfied with the online seminary learning experience during your first course, Rockbridge Seminary will refund your tuition in full.

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