When learners log into the Rockbridge Seminary (RS) virtual classroom, they enter an online learning environment known as Canvas that is self-contained and fully functional – no software to download to their home computer, no special equipment, no attachments.

After registering for a course, students join others from around the world who have enrolled in the same 8-week online class. Together, they progress along a rigorous learning journey that starts with a “Course Introduction Week,” continues with six learning units (one a week), and finishes with a “Learning Assessment Week.” Students are supported by a seminary professor who provides mentoring support almost daily throughout the term. In addition, students select a local mentor who helps them process and apply what they learn to their local church ministry.

After entering the RS virtual classroom, students can read regular communication from their professor, post questions for the professor, participate in surveys, take exams, read lecture notes, access research materials in the RS Online Library, upload assignments, and interact with fellow students from around the world in either a threaded discussion format or a chat room.

The Rockbridge virtual classroom difference doesn’t end there. Consider the following additional benefits:

  • Rockbridge seminary courses are new, fresh, relevant, and custom designed for the online environment. We do not make you sit through a streaming video of a traditional seminary class in session.
  • Weekly learning pathways put students in charge of their own learning – a design appreciated by 21stcentury adult learners.
  • A qualified and experienced professor is assigned to every class, providing mentoring support and engaging students almost daily as students move along their learning pathway for that week’s lesson.
  • Students are not left on their own through a correspondence format but join an active, vibrant learning community in every course that motivates, encourages, stimulates, and challenges them.
  • Students are not forced to log-on to their courses at a certain time of the day. They are free to schedule their learning at a time in the day that is best for them.
  • Students apply what they learn immediately. Projects and other assignments are almost always completed within the context of the student’s church ministry role.
  • Since the virtual classroom does not require downloading software to make it operate, students can participate in their course from anywhere in the world as long as they have access to the Internet.
  • Students benefit from the ministry perspectives of fellow learners from all over the world. A global student body builds a global perspective of what God is doing in the world.

Rockbridge Seminary’s online learning design is unique – making seminary education accessible and relevant for you.

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